AMI (Aerospace Manufacturing Industry) Learning was established in 2001.

For over 12 years we have been focused on the challenges facing aerospace manufacturing
organisations as they design, develop and roll out large scale engineering projects. AMI
offers a unique package to prime manufacturers looking to boost the learning potential of
their business.

At AMI we understand this environment and through our products and services can help
you to maximize the effectiveness of your training strategies.

Our digital learning material is used on a daily basis around the world.

  • Equipping and maintaining high performance e-learning environments.
  • Controlling the learning data to ensure it is compliant with constantly developing
    processes and procedures.
  • Servicing large, widely dispersed learning communities.
  • Resourcing training delivery teams.
  • Reducing disruption to production deadlines for training events.
  • Maintaining provision quality across in-house and out-sourced training suppliers.

And all this while trying to ensure that the end-users can evidence their new competency
and understanding of new procedures in the fastest possible time.

We have a strong sense of responsibility and accountability and have an excellent track
record of developing effective external partnerships.

AMI digital learning is used extensively by prime organisations such as Airbus / EADS /
Bombardier / and their organisation in several countries, delivered daily to classrooms,
individuals and to shop floors on a variety of technical platforms.