Learning Agility

The power of moving quickly and easily.

'Agility' improves the speed of learning and the ease of movement to new competencies.

Increasing performance, productivity and motivation, and doing it efficiently, may be the most
important challenge 21st century organisations face. Business and technological forces are
compelling major changes in how learning and performance are perceived and practiced, as well
as how work itself gets done.

AMI products and services enable you to take control of skills development objectives in your
organisation.   Constant changes in processes, tools and materials demand ever more effective
workforce deployment strategies. Skills and capabilities must be developed and maintained; often
across differing national entities with all the associated complications of language, culture, and
legacy. Agility is not about LMS functionality, it's about the smart modularisation of content.

Agile benefits:

  • Promotes integration with business objectives
  • Improvement in staff satisfaction
  • Decreased time to proven competency
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Savings in study time
  • Cost savings in knowledge management and delivery

Learning agility will be most applicable and have the most value when thinking specifically about
issues related to speed and flexibility.

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