The great benefit of digital learning is that you can access it virtually anywhere, In the
classroom, on your laptop, on your tablet, on your smartphone.

The administration of learning involves understanding of the rapidly changing LMS market
and standards such as SCORM. Online learning delivery is increasingly going multi-platform,
necessitating understanding of mobile technologies and different device form-factors.

Multi-Platform accessibility, available at any time and at any location.

  • Instructor-led groups with flexible lesson scoping
  • Interactive workshop tools and resources
  • Individual Informal learner
  • Learning 'Apps' & Mobile delivery
  • Performance Support
  • Search for knowledge
  • Share knowledge
  • Embed learning and guidance tools into your software and control systems.

We develop courses in all media formats. Our learning media is deliverable on any electronic
platform and with any SCORM compliant LMS.

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