Supporting Delivery Teams

Building potent internal networks.

Partnerships with delivery teams are often underexploited. We encourage a process that
includes instructors. That way we learn more about their problems and that helps us
give them what they want.  This extends to sharing ideas, tools and methods and onto
continuous improvement communities thereafter.

  • Accessing and using learning assets.
  • Content updates and team awareness.
  • Sharing ideas, content and documents.
  • New courses, new content support.
  • Measuring the improvements.
  • Continuous Improvement systems.
  • Instructor skills.

By using competencies to describe the outcomes of development programmes, trainers and
developers can help employees identify what performance benefits they can expect.
Their contribution and inclusion is of high value for all parties so their expertise and
advice is included in the process. Together we can design and build the perfect blended
learning experience.

We can provide secure on line access to courses so that instructors can run courses at any
location, at any time. Online areas are also great places to build instructor communities, which
come with considerable benefits.

AMI provide On-site and On-line Train the Trainer sessions to enable delivery teams.