AMI modular content type allows us to provide a range of products. A single 'one course'
or a global, multiple course development programme. AMI have a proven solution and the
necessary experience that will ensure you achieve your learning objectives.

Product Types:

1. Single point resource. A bite-size, multi-purpose e-learning asset that provides a
single learning outcome. All AMI products will work within any e-learning environment
and on any device. Single point resources can be used individually or as an addition to
your existing learning resources. 

  • Ideal for Tool Box talks or for sharing and informal reference.
  • A new or replacement learning point for your existing resources. 

2.  A single course. Designed and targeted for your immediate requirement. AMI courses
are made up of a 'playlist' of Single Point Resources (above). A typical 'Competency' could
comprise of 30 Single Point Resources. 

  • For instructor led groups.
  • Individual learner. 

3.     A suite of courses using shared resources. 

4.     Performance Support – Operator Guidance for any process or operation. 

  • Step-by-Step guidance.
  • Searchable Knowledge base.
  • Informal reference via PC. Mobile or Shop Floor Kiosk.
  • Embed learning and guidance tools within your software
    and control systems.
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